Substitution Policy

Floral India understands that substitution may be necessary to ensure arrangements are delivered in a timely manner.The utmost care and attention is given to ensure he flowers are as similar in style and value as possible to the requested item.

- In Smaller towns and cities the Exotic Flowers are not available usually. So for smaller cities it is always better to orders         arrangements that have only Roses, Tube Roses and Glads.

- Many flowers are seasonably available and this may vary depending on season and location. Sometimes, therefore, the florist may need to substitute one flower variety for another. But you will never be disappointed because all our florist adhere to the strict substitution guidelines as layed down by Floralindia which are detailed below:

a) The value of the replacement flower or plant must be equal to, or greater than, the original variety.

b) When substitution is made, the utmost care is taken to provide flowers which maintain the overall effect of the arrangement.

- When substitution is absolutely necessary, the filling member must:

Notify the sending Member of the substitution and the reason therefore.

The sending Member must notify the sending customer of such substitution.

In extreme situations, the filling Member may choose to notify the recipient of the reason for substitution.

When a customer complaint results from improper substitution, the filling Member must make a satisfactory replacement or, if the customer insists on a refund, pay an adjustment to the sending florist.


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